Southwest Steel currently maintains two (2) fabrication facilities located in Henderson, Nevada, and El Mirage, Arizona, with AISC, Los Angeles County, and Clark County certifications.

Jason Strickler

Hensel Phelps


I just want to let you know what a tremendous turn around we have seen from Southwest Steel over the past several months her at the Delta Skyway Program. The Southwest team led by Don Johnson has really become a partner and an asset to this project and is a vast improvement from where we were back in November. The field team led by Mark and Nick has also become more organized, productive, and proactive in the pursuit of the work and we have not seen issues with inspections or quality control. All in all this group is doing a fantastic job and deserve some kudos for it!

Hensel Phelps greatly appreciates this team listening to our concerns back in November and responding in the manner that you did. Hensel Phelps is certainly looking forward to continuing the relationship into Phase 2 of this program with this team!


Jason Strickler
Project Superintendent

Barry Baptiste

Garrison Walker Group


Thank you for getting back to us so quickly and congratulations for your promotion to President – you have an awesome team and know SWS is in great hands!

Your email meant much, and sincerely just wanted to express our appreciation; Jon, Cary and Jens are awesome, sincerely I just wanted GWG to express how appreciative we are to work with a professional organization. The construction industry should benchmark your organization as the gold standard ; and it all begins and ends with great leaders/managers.

The GWG would be honored for you to use our email (or any Garrison Walker communications) in any way that can help SWS/SME. Evan, frankly if we can’t help your organization GWG would still be your biggest cheerleader – it’s our goal to just salute the great actors.

We are well connected with LAWA, Metro and most large infrastructure projects and would welcome a chance to help you grow. Again, sometimes a simple thank you is all you can offer.

Garrison Walker will march to your orders.

Cheers, and congratulations again


Barry Baptiste

Garrison Walker Group

Dear Jon,

Thank you sincerely for taking our call a few weeks ago. As discussed, the Garrison Walker Group is a proud ISO certified Veteran/MBE owned – firm that very much desires to be a valued go-to supplier to South West/SME Steel.

Your team, under your leadership, was instrumental in helping reconcile an accounting/economy of scale challenge. Directly speaking we wanted to express how appreciative we were of your efforts. My firm was drowning unnecessarily, in plain sight, especially given operating in our tight – margin asset class. It has always been our hope to prove that GWG is the right partner for SME/SWS Steel, and this reconciliation was necessary for GWG to continue to serve your organization professionally.

Frankly speaking Jens Kersting was instrumental in condensing our complex problem to its core issues. This step was needed to serve the demands of SWS/SME’s supply chain without hurting the Garrison Walker Group. It is clear Jens is a first-class operator, knows how to “see” through the life cycle of a process – and has the executive management talent to ensure that the task at hand is done correctly; right from the start.

As a premium SDVOSB/MBE firm it’s great to work with a team that could be dynamic and sensitive to our challenges. Garrison Walker can help your firm grow across a myriad of complex government supply chains, including the Department of Defense, and looks forward to working with your team in the future.

Thank you again for your effort.




Located in Henderson, Nevada, Southwest Steel has capabilities to fabricate structural steel, miscellaneous metals, and ornamental metals projects to service any project size from small-scale up to 20,000+ tons. The flexibility of the SME Industries shops allows Southwest Steel to provide complete Division 5 packages to our clients.